🍥 Chapter 1: MVP69DAO Interview

We sat down with MVP69DAO - a tight-knit crew of MVP holders within the Memeland universe - to learn what brings them together and makes them successful.

420 MVPs were born when the creators of Memeland asked their community to send 5.3 ETH to join their top tier NFT project.  As the MVPs began to connect with each other, they quickly realized they had similar vibes and high conviction in the Memeland ecosystem. 

That’s when the Lore team discovered MVPs' drive for community ownership in an AMA with Memeland's CEO, Ray Chan, who introduced them to Lore. MVP69DAO was formed as a result.

Using Lore, MVP69DAO grew in a matter of weeks from an initial pool of 50 ETH and 19 members to over 330 ETH and 29 members using our continuous co-ownership framework and experience.

MVP69DAO is one of our favorite success stories on Lore. So today, we wanted to share their story so you can gain inspiration to create success for your community.

Here’s the full interview:

Lore:  Tell us about MVP69DAO! What’s bringing everyone together

BDez808 (MVP69DAO): Memeland CEO, Ray Chan, mentioned Prysm (Lore) in our group discord. He said that forming a DAO was a great way for us to come together to buy NFTs as a group. We started with 19 members and after a few funding rounds have grown to 29 members. We achieved our first goal of acquiring 2 super crews which consists of 2 MVPs, 18 Captainz, and 54 Potatoz NFTs.  Our goal is residual income.  The way the Memeland ecosystem is designed, we will be rewarded for “staking” our NFTs to gain rewards on a weekly basis.  There is still a mystery as to the value of the rewards we earn.  And a mystery as to how the NFTs will relate to the greater ecosystem (SocialFi products and $MEME).  Ray always says: patience, trust, and loyalty.  The members of our DAO have all 3.

Lore: How did you get involved in MVP69DAO?

Gyarados(MVP69DAO): I've been part of the Memeland community since the beginning. I'm a traditional finance professional who joined Web3 just over a year ago. I stumbled across Memeland and found it very interesting. Now it's become one of my highest conviction DAOs. The MVP69DAO has been with Prysm(Lore) since the start, and we've been growing together since then with a couple of smaller funding rounds along the way in addition to two proper rounds of funding.

BDez808 (MVP69DAO): Memeland MVPs is the first community I joined!  I remember the day I sent 5.3eth to Memelands wallet.  Scared and excited at the same time.  Looking back it was the absolute best decision I have made so far on my Web3 journey.

Lore: You guys have had a ton of engagement. Why do you think your community is so active?

BDez808 (MVP69DAO): The level of engagement was extremely high right from the start. Everyone is very welcoming. We share ideas, share memes, lots of laughs.  There is a lot to learn daily in the Web3 space, and it’s nice to have such a knowledgeable community to bounce ideas off of or to get support.  Ray is also very active in our discord which brings so much value.  

Lore: How would you guys describe the culture today? And is there any shared ritual that you guys do?

BDez808 (MVP69DAO):I feel like we have a great team culture. We genuinely care about each other, and I would do anything to support my teammates. Even though I don't know them IRL (in real life), I feel like I've gotten to know members from all over the world through our interactions. Whether it’s sharing alpha, learning about a new project, or just silly banter – we do have fun chatting with each other.

BDez808 (MVP69DAO): And for the traits of the community, there something around the memeland collection and identity that they established as a brand and then maybe like some of these initial NFTs that they launched that somehow brought together people that would vibe well and then you know you kind of start like creating your own culture based off of that initial jumping off point.

Gyarados(MVP69DAO): I believe the culture within the MVP69 group really stands out from 9GAG's main community. We are a small group of people who joined 9GAG's ecosystem early on and support their vision for web3. Fundamentally, that shared vision is what brings our group together. Within our group, an even smaller circle of like-minded people want to invest together in 9GAG's ecosystem, almost exclusively with one another. We think of ourselves as an especially tight-knit community within the larger MVP69 group.

So I think that's a very good start and we don't even get far within ourselves. I mean every now and then we have some discussions and maybe even minor arguments about certain issues but we never really get far within our groups because I think almost everyone is subscribed to the same vision. So I think that's quite important also essentially makes the community very, very friendly and also very supportive of each other.

Lore:  What did you find the most surprising or challenging part of running a DAO?

BDez808 (MVP69DAO): One of the biggest challenges is that everyone is in a different timezone, so when we need to get in touch with our five collaborators, sometimes we have to wait a while. But for the most part, we had a goal, so we sent out a form asking: 1. Do you want to contribute? 2. Are you happy with your current role? 3. Do you want to leave the group or how active do you want to be?

Because as I said, we were waiting for people to vote but they just weren't available. If they just wanted to be investors, that's fine, we just need to know up front what everybody's goal is. Now when we vote, we have a certain amount vote on each thing. Once it passes, we assign members and then need five signers. It goes pretty quick, we have a routine down. Like I said, now we're just holding because we met our goal for now. Then after we see what happens in the ecosystem and how we'll be rewarded, we can grow more. We're not done, just waiting.

I think we went through a lot to figure things out at first. But I think we have funding rounds down. It's more work, then we cruise because we're waiting to see the next step for Memeland. We hit our goal to get two full crews. So now we wait to see what the money printers will give us.

Gyarados(MVP69DAO): I can feel that more decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are emerging. Personally, I'm noticing this trend growing. For example, I'm part of a few smaller DAOs, and DAO Makerspace is the largest. But many new DAOs form daily, often not just for investment but for various purposes. So, I think there is definitely a trend of people coming together in DAOs.

The discussion around royalties is also getting quite interesting and critical. I don't know how that will turn out. Part of me feels that exchanges are taking too large a share. There will likely be a balance struck between creators and traders in web3.

Another trend on the rise is Bitcoin NFTs.

Lore: So you're talking about how there's more and more DAOs kind of popping up in this space - Why do you think that that's the case?

Gyarados(MVP69DAO): I think there has been an emergence of just sub-communities within NFT Communities.  Especially during this bear cycle, pooling resources to form a DAO is a great option.

Lore: Yeah, I think you kind of spot on that, especially during the bear market, activity seems to be popping off.

Gyarados(MVP69DAO): I was just discussing this with another group, partially in Hong Kong. I think the core idea is that the market isn't as hot as it was in 2021 or early 2022. So, it's harder for investors to make money these days. But for those still active in the space, they want to find like-minded individuals and build a community where they can actively and constantly engage, rather than just follow the usual social media chatter about crypto.

Essentially, we have a group of committed people in this space. Maybe not huge numbers yet, but a group that sees the vision for web3 and the long term, and wants to be part of growing together. Individually, it's probably harder to weather a bear market. So, I think people are generally trying to do more of that. Also, there have been so many success stories, like Uniswap. With examples like that, people can see themselves as part of something successful without overcommitting financially, with their time, or energy.

Lore: How can new members join MVP69DAO?

BDez808 (MVP69DAO): At the moment, our DAO is opened to MVP NFT holders.  Maybe one day in the future, as we grow, we will open it up to others but for now being an MVP is the main requirement.

Gyarados(MVP69DAO): Obviously, underneath it all, it's got to be someone committed to what we're doing here, essentially needs to fit in with what the rest of the group is building. I don't think we're in this just for a day or two of trading here and there. We're in this to capture all that 9GAG is building on web3.

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