Co-Ownership For All — Our Public Beta Launch

We are thrilled to announce the Public Beta launch of Lore!

Lore is the first co-ownership platform for web3 collectives to pool resources and own NFTs together.

In addition, we are excited to share our $4 million strategic round, led by Multicoin Capital, with participation from Seed Club Ventures, Balaji Srinivasan, Zeneca, North Island Ventures, Sfermion, Mischief, CMT Digital, Patricio Worthalter, Spice Capital, Sublime Ventures, and other strategic investors. This brings our total financing to date to $7.15 million. Our recent financing will enable new use cases for creator communities and gaming guilds. Additionally, we plan on supporting other blockchains, starting with Polygon.

Communities, Co-Ownership, and a Cozier Internet

The internet is becoming cozy again. It’s connecting and bundling us based on shared interests and idiosyncrasies.

Communities like Proof, Friends with Benefits, Memeland, Valhalla, and Azuki have leveraged web3 to create hyper-social, passionate communities.

Over the past year, we've been experimenting alongside them and their constellation of sub-communities and squads to transform social energy into collective ownership, action, and creativity.

Today, we're opening Lore to the world, transforming more communities, sub-communities, and squads into Web3 Collectives that are a hub for capital ownership, media creation, and cultural commerce.

Without Lore

To better understand Lore, let’s cover the flow without Lore for a simple use case: a squad of five set their sights on a Noun.

  • The squad leader sets up a Safe multi-sig wallet and hunts down contributions from members.

  • The leader then tracks ETH contributions on Google Sheets and assigns everyone’s ownership stakes accordingly.

  • Members informally vote in their group chat to decide which Noun to purchase.

  • The leader connects the Safe to an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. They may need to transfer ETH to a temporary EOA wallet to purchase the NFT – many NFT Marketplaces often have compatibility issues with smart contract wallets.

  • The squad memes their purchase, attracting a few friends who want to join.

  • To add two new friends to the squad, they must agree on the value of their Noun.

  • They can then accept contributions and calculator everyone’s ownership stakes accordingly.

This entire process is fragmented and prone to potential issues. By making it easy for groups to accomplish on-chain goals, Lore aims to help more people go further together.

With Lore

Lore is a co-ownership platform for web3 collectives that makes owning NFTs together simple and safe. Lore is a lightweight co-ownership protocol and a platform where anyone can start or join collectives.


Our co-ownership protocol, built on Safe, allows web3 collectives to pool resources continuously, issue ownership stakes for members and accomplish any on-chain goal.

You can easily add new members and funds to the shared vault as your collective grows. Relatedly, you can off-board members and distribute liquidity anytime.

The protocol ensures compatibility with what web3 offers through a new kind of wallet-connecting technology. Now, collectives can achieve any on-chain goal.


Pooling money with your friends allows you to access NFTs that may have been unattainable alone. We’re plugged into every marketplace on Ethereum. Group Buy, Bid, Sell. Sweeps and a marketplace experience coming soon.


Easily access mints, stake your NFTs, and play games. Connect to any dApp without any compatibility issues - our protocol allows you to connect your vault to anything web3 offers. Run transactions through a simulator to always know what’s leaving and entering your wallet.


Form funds in any currency, even NFTs, to supercharge any mission. Control who can participate in your raise through allowlists and token gating. A captable with everyone’s ownership stake is automatically generated as members contribute.

Attract new members as you accomplish milestones and easily add new funds and members.


Issue and manage ERC721 Membership Cards to that track ownership. Membership cards are also a dynamic social profile that brings your role, equity, and status on-chain. These soul-bound memberships make it easy to manage exits and sticky situations like when a member loses their wallet.


We provide coordination experiences like polls that engage and activate members at the edges of the collective. With polls, collectives can easily make any decision, on-chain or off-chain, serious or fun. Bring the process to your home with our Discord Bot and Discord notifications.


Watch your virtual assets grow with our dashboard and flex your lore on a shared profile page. We’re plugged into the best pricing tools, and you can always value your grails together. Attract more members and funds as you accomplish milestones. Easily add them to your story!


Our platform for collectives means you can discover collectives for you and easily join them. Collectives can easily recruit new members and automate their application process. Furthermore, Collectives can discover each other to buy virtual assets together or barter with one another.

Built by Lore

Our mission at Lore is to build the frameworks, protocols, and experiences that make co-ownership as ubiquitous as individual ownership. With Lore, web3 collectives can come together to reshape culture, capital, and commerce.

Join us on this exciting adventure that redefines communities and ownership! Start a collective today – or join thousands of others collectives.

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