Introducing Multichain Lore Groups

Today, Lore is announcing a group wallet experience for co-owning NFTs and memecoins across Ethereum, Solana, Base, Bitcoin, Blast and many other chains.

This launch helps us take one giant step forward on our mission to give the 99% a seat at the table. We’re doing this by —

  • Introducing a powerful new standard for transactional groups to access all that crypto has to offer, and be unrestricted by chains or applications.

  • Launching an experience where you can start and manage a Lore Group and transactions across multiple chains and applications.

  • Unveiling a roadmap of products and incentives to bootstrap an ecosystem of Lore Groups and their members.

What’s live today? You can form Groups on Ethereum and Base to attach Wallets controlled by members on Solana, Base and Ethereum.

Get started by going to

Request to access Lore on Bitcoin and Blast here.

Why Group Up on Lore?

  • Lore Groups can pool together resources in shared wallets to access expensive assets and exclusive rewards. Check out MVPrysm, a guild that formed 9 SuperCrewz (110 ETH each) to earn 5x more rewards, airdrops and whitelists for their members using Lore.

  • Lore Groups allow friends to share opportunities and learn about crypto and investing together. Check out, an investment club who grew 2.2 ETH with 3 members into an investment club managing over 100ETH across 35+ members.

  • Lore Groups allow friends to share crypto opportunities with newbies. Many mini groups on Lore have bought niche memecoins for one crypto-curious friend or even the whole group chat. Crypto pill your friends. Use the crypto gains to bring your friends onchain using our Privy integration.

How did we get here.

The universe of crypto opportunities is becoming more multichain and fragmented across more dapps. We saw hundreds of Lore groups spin up many wallets across many chains to transact quickly and not miss out on opportunities.

We explored building more DAO solutions but they slow down the group and are not compatible with the dapps groups wanted to use.

Groups needed something fast, fun and lightweight. And we believe we need to combine the best of account abstraction wallets (powered by Safe), regular wallets and web2 experiences to deliver for our users.

We completely rearchitected Lore’s group wallet and ownership tracking system to maximize chain, asset and dapp coverage.

How does a Lore Group work?

A Lore Group is a collection of the group’s wallets across whatever chains you want to be on. These wallets can be secured by the entire group or delegated to members to make transactions on behalf of the Group. With Lore, your group never misses out.

What’s live today? You can form Lore Groups on Ethereum, Base and attach a Solana wallet. You can request to access Lore on Bitcoin and Blast here.

This means you can get coverage how this Lore Group is set up below. Soon we will have the ability to launch more Vaults and Wallets across many more chains.

With the infrastructure we’ve built we’ll quickly be launching more Vaults and Wallets across many chains. This means any transaction on any chain is never out of reach for a Group. Initiate crypto transactions like mints, staking, delegating assets, playing crypto games, etc.

Lore manages Member Equity Stakes in the Lore Group as members make deposits in the group’s wallets. Members can deposit any token (including NFTs) and receive ownership stake in the group! Members can even deposit directly from a Centralized Exchange or Fiat Onramp without an onchain wallet. Lore is built for groups that want to get going fast and scale as needed.

Using Lore, your Group can track their tokens, NFTs and transactions across all of the groups wallets on any chain. In fact chains can be fully abstracted to track your Group’s portfolio in USD, ETH, SOL, BTC, etc. Easily provide transparent PnL to individual members. Flex your squad to attract more members and funds to grow.

What’s coming next?

Points and Rewards — Lore will launch points to earn rewards like tokens and mints from partner communities and the Lore Ecosystem. We're excited to announce that we will retroactively award Points to previous Groups!

Ecosystem — Lore is a network of people playing the crypto financial game together. Develop a reputation for your accomplishments within each Group and showcase them on a Profile page. Top Group Leaders and Members will be able to mint their own Lore Avatar NFT which will unlock more rewards and visibility.

Invest for your Normie Friends — We want to make it dead simple to share crypto opportunities with your crypto curious friends. Text your friends a link and have them send you money via Venmo, a CEX or even an i-owe-you. Let your friend or the whole group chat copy trade you. Share the wealth. Lure your friends onchain by depositing gains in a wallet for them to claim :)

Use Cases

Lore Groups can power all sorts of use cases. These are our favorites:

  • Group buy, own, stake, use - Expensive NFTs, mints and airdrop boosts can be accessible to everyone. Use our delegate cash support to share items with members.

  • Investing Groups - Investment clubs pool their capital to access crypto opportunities together while learning and having fun. We see investment clubs with as little as 3 people and also power more formal ones like 824.

  • Invest for Friends - If you’ve been in crypto long enough you’ve received this text. “Hey it’s been a minute, I know you’re really into crypto, can I send you $2000 and you just buy what you’re buying for me?” Lore allows you to do this for one friend or many friends at once.

  • Trading Clubs - For a band of merry traders you can set up Lore where everyone’s has an individual account but PnL is shared in aggregate. Cover more opportunities together and diversify risk while not losing speed. Take in more passive money to let others copy trade you.

  • Share Private Sale allocation - Get allocation to a private sale and have extra to share with friends? Use Lore to split the deal with friends, Lore automates % stakes to make token distributions easy.

  • NFT Collectives - Collectives that want to support NFT ecosystem by forming guilds to pool together funds to own, stake and earn more rewards. Lore tracks everyone’s contribution even when you deposits NFTs. Learn about how we powered collectives from Memeland and Proof in our Case Studies.

Get Started Today

The public launch today supports starting Groups on Ethereum and Base and allows for Groups to attach Wallets controlled by members on Solana, Base and Ethereum — Get started by going to

Bitcoin and Blast coverage is in private beta. Unlock the feature for your group here.

Request more chain coverage here.

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