🍥 Chapter 4: GlobalKind Interview

We chatted with GlobalKind to unpack the shared values that unite them, and explored how they have been mutually uplifted through their focus on financial well-being, education, support, and ownership.

GlobalKind is a community dedicated to promoting kindness, fostering connections with nature, building friendships, promoting mental health, advocating for sustainability, and embracing inclusion. The organization's co-founders, Lissy and Liv, bring extensive experience in nature conservation, mental health, and human resources for global brands.

They initially used Lore to buy ‘out of reach’ NFTs together. During this time, popular PFP discords were difficult to navigate, and as a result, GlobalKind emerged as a safe haven where women could learn from one another about NFTs.

With education being a huge focus, they decided to make a Lore vault more integrated into their community. They reached out to the Lore team, and together we designed and developed a unique solution.

As of today, new community members can mint a GlobalKind NFT with proceeds partially directed to a co-owned vault. The GlobalKind community governs this vault together to learn together.

Here is the full interview:

Tell us about GlobalKind and what's bringing everyone together in GlobalKind.

Lissy: So GlobalKind was started one year ago. Our mission was to be the largest kindest movement in the Metaverse. We put a huge focus on building a really meaningful community, which was authentic and genuine in particular. We wanted to build it so that if people were new to NFTs, that they could be part of our community and feel really supported on their NFT or crypto journey. And we've really successfully done that because if anyone jumps into our discord, you will see that there are people in there that are just willing to support anyone on their journey and educate them as to how to do things like buying NFTs or trading Crypto. We also have a massive focus on our art, which is a depiction of the human nature connection. So we are really passionate about bringing those nature connections into the metaverse.

So we had that two-pronged approach when we first started. We've started to shift our focus now because the market's changed a lot. And now we are focusing on that financial wellbeing and stability in Web3. And that's why we've been really excited to partner with Lore to be able to allow people to co-own NFTs as a really safe way to enter the NFT market with relatively lower risk than if they were to go in by themselves. Because now, not only do they not have to invest so much, but they have all the advice of people around them that are helping to make those joint decisions to purchase NFTs.

Maybe you can also tell us maybe a little bit about yourself. Like why did you decide to start this community?

Lissy: So myself and a very good friend of mine started GlobalKind together. So we are 50/50. My friend who goes by Liv online, she is actually a specialist in leading massive teams in real life. So she's worked in really senior positions for massive companies leading up their people management strategies and building communities. So she is well known in that space and she's incredibly experienced with what she does. She has a real passion for bringing people together. Me, I have a PhD in environmental sciences. I focused my research on the way that humans connect with nature. And so my massive interest was around how do we bring nature connections into the metaverse. I'm also a business owner and a chairperson for a charity where I live. I'm also really interested in how to transition businesses into Web3 and utilize things like NFTs or Crypto to enhance their business practices and to essentially keep up with where the world is going. So along with my background in environmental sciences and knowledge in NFTs in crypto, I've now also started moving in the space where I'm starting to talk to charities about how they can use things like NFTs for memberships or sustainable investment opportunities. So I'm bringing my two passions together in the real world as well. So that's about myself and, and Liv. And, and prior to GlobalKind, we were longtime NFT collectors already. So we'd been in the, we'd been in NFTs for a couple years prior.

Olivia: My background is in human resources. So I've been building teams and communities for the last 15 years, both locally, internationally, and now remotely and Lissy and I have known each other for about the same length of time and we always knew we'd do something together, found Web3 and thought this is an amazing opportunity to build a global community around a vision that we are both really passionate about, but also utilizing my skills in community building, Lissy's skills and her knowledge of sustainability and nature, it's nice to have a human approach as well. To come together and form this vision around overall wellbeing. Our strategy last year was around mental wellbeing and our five year plan is to cycle through each of the different aspects of wellbeing to provide ultimate value to our community. And part of that this year is the financial wellbeing strategy, which is what Lore has supported us with, which we're incredibly grateful for. And like Lissy said earlier, this really strong aspect of being able to build a really strong community around something that actually genuinely helps people and enables people in the space to learn not only about NFTs but the different technology and decentralization is something that I'm super passionate about and I'm really proud of. So part of that is thank you because your technology is amazing and it's doing wonders for the space and enabling people to access it.

So how would you describe your community's culture?

Lissy: So when we first started, we did try to make a real effort to really say, look, anyone is welcome here. Just because the art is feminine, so to speak, it doesn't matter. Men are welcome, we, we welcome anyone, but we did end up kind of getting this female dominated community and that's all good. But yes, to describe them, they're all so loving and honest and really smart. A lot of them have been long-term NFT investors. So when you're jumping in the discord and talking to them and discussing other projects there's a wealth of knowledge there. So that's probably how I would describe them. Loving. Nice. And really, really onto it when it comes to NFTs.

Does your community have any favorite shared rituals?

Lissy: Oh, probably playing Gatic.

What is Gactic?

Lissy: Oh my gosh. You have to come into our server and play it. So it's a, it's a game that you play in Discord, there's a bot and it will show you random drawings and the community have to guess what the drawing is off and it goes crazy, the surf because people are writing furiously trying to guess it cuz the, the drawings are not entirely clear sometimes cuz they're, they're hand drawings by people all around the world. And then the person who wins, it's got a prize board. And so that, that's actually so much fun to play. So that's probably my favorite.

This is super cool. You alluded to this when we talked earlier about your community and how your community is majority women -- talk to me a little bit about that and what that means to you and how that occurred.

Lissy: Well it's interesting because women are far less likely to invest in NFTs and crypto than men. So it's interesting cause if you look at the general NFT landscape, when we started there were more male led projects than there were female ones. So when we came out, it felt really good to be a female led project, it felt like a safe space for females to come into. But over the last year there's been a lot of other female projects that have come up with similar size probably to GlobalKind, And the good thing is we've all become very good friends, so to speak. The leaders of each of these projects, we all know each other quite well.

We often have similar community members, so it feels really good. It's like we've kind of created this really nice mega community of females that are all part of all the respective projects and what it means to us, to be honest, like I mentioned it's not like we set out wanting to be only having females in our community and, and we did try of course as much as possible to communicate that it was for everyone. But because we naturally ended up with a community dominated by females, it just shows that we have successfully created that space where they felt attracted to come to and felt safe to come to and spend time because yeah, I mean as you might know, a lot of these projects that were around at the beginning of last year, you'd go into their discords and it would be just mental in there, like hundreds of thousands of people typing. And so a lot of females would join, which I did when I first started NFTs and would go on these discords and just be like, oh my gosh, how are you even meant to engage meaningfully with people here? So it felt good to create environment where women, I guess felt like they could come in and feel safe and supported and enjoy themselves.

So what does co-owning these digital assets mean for you or your community?

Lissy: It provides a really safe way for people to invest in NFTs without requiring too much liability or upfront investment. For example, we’ve got some of the top tier NFTs like World of Women, Otherside, Otherdeed, Psychedelics Anonymous, Boss Beauties. So a lot of people coming in the space will think, well I'd love to be able to buy one of those, but I don't have 1.7 ETH on me to do that. So that's why this is obviously so great because they can actually own it. It's just they own a smaller percentage of it suited to their budget. And so I guess this gives people a really nice way to enter the NFT market because alongside co-owning the NFT, they're also getting all of that support on our discord.

For example, we have a channel where all of our signing members are, and we all talk about projects that are out there and consider which next ones we should invest in. There's a lot of great conversations that happen from people who are like, oh, you know, I know this project and I know that this utility is what they offer and blah blah blah. So you get this great wealth of information around all these different projects and then everyone can make an informed decision around whether or not to vote to purchase it. It's basically the ability to get into NFT investing without having to have such high finances to invest. It gives you an option to put your finger in, dip your finger in really.

I think one time when we talked to you, you told me about people just being excited to hold these assets like otherside -- where it was just really out of the realm of possibility before.

Lissy: Totally. And the fact that someone can say, yeah, I own 10% of a World of Women. Like that's, that's super cool. That that's awesome because it suits people's budgets because if someone's like, well I've only got 3eth. Well that's fine. That just means that you'll have X percent of equity. And obviously that will change slightly now that we are only gonna be letting people into the squad via minting. But people can still control how much equity they want by how much they deposit.

Could you share some strategies for running your group that have worked well for you or your Lore group that have worked for you?

Lissy: Yeah, that's Liv’s expertise -- how to build communities and how to build meaningful communities and run proper consultation processes and things like that. Which I learned a lot from. Her skills have been really great when it comes to facilitating our Lore squad because she has the ability to come up with a way that options can be presented to the whole group and then discussions can be facilitated and the group can be supported into making decisions in terms of what to vote for. I think I told you kind of the first time we met is that we do that in a Discord channel where we will put up a big kind of brief or announcement of different project options and then we allow people to vote by reacting to the certain projects that they feel they want to invest in.

Olivia: If I was to give advice it would be for the smaller communities, because it is hard to get a consistent engagement in the squad once that kind of initial hype of how much has been raised has worn off and you kind of look at the NFT. So the one thing that we spend a lot of time doing is utilizing other tools. Things like nftgo.io to stay on top of the trends going into different discords and as founders seeking that information so that we can present that information in an objective way to our squad so that they can find what aligns to them and then ultimately make the decision. I think it's just finding unique ways of keeping keeping the squad engaged and half of that the space runs on kind of newness and technology and hype and diversifying portfolios. So things that we've enjoyed exploring together are like Bitcoin NFTs and what otherside are doing and psychedelics of the mental health side. So I think finding different ways of providing value to your community beyond, beyond the art, it is about the art too, but beyond that has been really successful for us.

Last question is how has Lore helped you reach your goals?

Olivia: Yeah, the number one answer is, is majorly. Through introducing a technology that is easily accessible, a team that's super understanding and innovative and wants to contribute to the NFT space in a good way, the same way that we do, it's enabled a different kind of community building that I think this space needs. And like you said, it's enabled us to kind of think of ways of providing things to our community in a way that's like almost like a layer two solution on Lore and hopefully other communities decide that this is a good idea for them too and want to get involved and grow the community the same way. Words probably can't express how much you've helped because GlobalKind is really such a passion project of ours. But you guys have absolutely helped us reach our goals.

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