A New Era for Group Investing

This is a collaborative piece written with contributions from Prysm, Gnosis Safe, Vulcan, and the community management team at Proof.

Prysm, Proof, Vulcan and Gnosis Safe are excited to announce that for the first time in Web3, DAOs holding NFTs in their Gnosis Safe can now delegate a single member to access NFT gated communities using Vulcan and Prysm.

While Web3 has enabled creators to unbundle, remix, and reintegrate media, it has fallen short when it comes to inclusivity, diversity, and the democratizing of financial tools. Hyperstructures like Gnosis Safe and Gnosis Guild have led the charge by developing the capabilities we need but the mechanisms have lagged behind.

We know that the primary value of blue chip NFTs today is not just asset exposure but Discord utility. Utility is a seat at the table. It is an opportunity with compounding benefits and network effects. Unfortunately, there is not a single mechanism in Web3 for DAOs to access Discord in a secure, safe and fair way.

Until today.

Prysm, Proof, Vulcan and Gnosis Safe are excited to announce that for the first time in Web3, DAOs (and Squads) holding NFTs in their Gnosis Safe can now delegate a single member to access NFT gated communities using Vulcan and Prysm.

“No matter when you created the Gnosis Safe or what investment platform you used to do it, you can import your DAO to Prysm with zero modification and get access to Discord. Our protocol is open.” - @realShelbyt, Co-Founder and CPO at Prysm.

If you own a Gnosis Safe, Verify with Prysm for Discord Access
If you own a Gnosis Safe, Verify with Prysm for Discord Access

Launch Partners

The PROOF is in the Pudding

This integration is launching first, exclusively for Proof. Using Prysm, DAOs can now delegate one member access to the Proof Discord. As the first NFT community to support DAOs in this way, Proof continues to demonstrate leadership in both technology and community.

For groups of friends using Prysm or Gnosis Safe, you can now pool funds, buy a Moonbird (just like FloorbirdsDAO and PoorbirdsDAO), and assign one member to represent your needs in the Proof Discord.

Poorbirds DAO on Prysm
Poorbirds DAO on Prysm

For NFT Projects like Proof it means a more diverse and inclusive community while continuing the same one member, one DAO address restriction that has always existed. It means being part of a community that places people first and little by little building a better future.

"I started collecting NFTs in July of 2021, with a small wallet and a group of friends who were all equally as excited to start our web3 journey. As I learned more about NFTs, I realized its biggest strength was the power of community. It’s what keeps holders engaged, and excited, and really makes it stand out from all other more traditional forms of investing. This led me to create Token Club, which is comprised of members with varying wallet sizes, investment acumen, and financial goals” - @akaStevey_ Co-Founder of TokenClub and Community Manager at Proof

Prysm x Proof x Vulcan x Gnosis

Avengers Assemble

From day one this collaboration revolved around three priorities: maintain community integrity, ensure high security, and enable a fair delegation mechanism where one DAO member can access Discord.

Vulcan’s novel access control mechanism was already reputed for its secure NFT gating mechanism for Discord. Vulcan does not rely on signatures and does not send users a link to click on. Rather it has users go to a well reputed website like OpenSea and update a field such as the bio section, which Vulcan immediately verifies.

Vulcan <> Prysm <> Gnosis Authentication Flows
Vulcan <> Prysm <> Gnosis Authentication Flows

Next, DAO members had to be verified as being owners of a shared wallet and access needed to be restricted so that the DAO can only delegate a single member. Using a tuple containing the DAO’s wallet address, members address, and NFT specific information ensured that Vulcan could enforce the one member per DAOs restriction.  As DAOs overwhelmingly use Gnosis Safe as the wallet of choice, the Gnosis Safe Service APIs were well equipped to provide this information to us in a reliable way.

Finally, DAO members needed an interface where they could validate membership and tie the Gnosis Safe Data and Vulcan data together. As the premiere platform for NFT Collector DAOs to purchase NFTs, Prysm has built a custom Vulcan Validation flow on-platform for DAOs to validate with. Simply select Validate with Prysm on Discord, enter the one-time key on the Prysm platform, and obtain access.

Interested in Participating in the Future?

"Inclusion in web3 is a serious consideration that we need to tackle head on. Large barriers of entry to well established projects are a growing problem. I'm excited to see what Prysm continues to build in the web3 space for all of us to help make NFTs and crypto communities more accessible to those that have less. We need to ensure web3 is for everyone and groups that focus on that from the start are going to make the biggest impact." - @Myrainbowsoda, Community Manager at Proof

With more than 4,800 DAOs (DeepDAO) and an astonishing 31x growth of the ecosystem in 2021, it’s never been more critical to support DAOs as equal players in the ecosystem. For builders, this means including support for DAO tooling, such as multi-sig sign-in and more, enabling participation in your applications for individuals and DAOs alike.

“Ultimately, users want to collaborate, share experiences, and participate in utility together. It’s our duty as builders to build for these users in mind and treat digital-first organizations as equals”. - @SeanMacAonghais Gnosis Safe Ecosystem Lead

If you are a DAO member, let your NFT projects know there is now a way to take part in the alpha you are owed. You no longer have to choose between security or utility, with Prysm, Vulcan, and Gnosis Safe you can have it all.

Security, Utility, Community
Security, Utility, Community

Prysm is currently in private beta visit https://prysm.xyz to register for access. Existing Gnosis Safes can obtain immediate access to Prysm by DMing our Twitter account.

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