Introducing Shared Stakes

TLDR: Today, we are launching Shared Stakes, a collection of interviews that uncover the secrets of web3 community building.

We have the privilege of working alongside the best communities in web3 and are constantly learning about their exciting missions, best practices, and tools for community building.

This new media initiative is meant to share that with you so that we can build more successful web3 communities that go further together.

Join us as we delve into the strategies behind the communities defining web3 culture. From mission setting and crafting lore to building engagement, community projects, and funding movements — we'll unveil the secrets to their collective success.

Ready to be inspired?

Catch short-form snippets on Twitter, where we bring you the essence of these deep conversations. Dive into the entire conversation through a blog post and video on Youtube. Witness how the best communities are built.

The Lineup for Season 1:

In our first season, we'll interview leaders, builders, and founders behind pfp communities, art collectives, cultural projects, gaming guilds, creator clubs, music collectives, fashion houses, and more.

  • Valhalla

  • Memeland Supercrewz panel

  • Dirt

  • Nouns

  • Azuki Alpha Beans

  • 0n1force

  • NeoTokyo

  • KrauseHouse

  • The Symmetrical

  • 824 DAO

  • Dosa DAO

  • Skypia DAO

You’ll be able to learn about what successful communities are doing, learn about community-building best practices, and tips for engagement throughout the bear.

If you are running a community in web3 and have developed strategies, engagement tools, and best practices -- reach out, and we’d love to chat with you.

P.S.-- there will be a secret phrase hidden within the clips. If you find it, reach out to us for a special reward.

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